3 Days to Permanent BV Relief Review

Kristina Tomlin – 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief

3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief (also known as BV Cures) is one of the most popular guides on how to get rid of BV fast and naturally.

In this 3 Days to Permanent BV Relief Book Review, we will take a look at the pros and cons of this ebook and see if this kind of cure can really help.

3 Days to BV Relief – What Exactly Is It?


Created by Kristina J. Tomlin, a woman who suffered from BV for many years, BV Cures is a guide which teaches you how to treat the disease in a natural way.

In her guide, Kristina J Tomlin shares her step by step system to get rid of BV in a natural way and in brief here are the main things that you will find inside this guide:

Firstly, Kristina starts her 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Book with the basics. In the first chapters she talks about important issues such as the symptoms of the disease, what causes BV and why it tends to recur in many women.

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After this overview, Kristina Tomlin talks a lot about antibiotics and why antibiotic treatment is not able to successfully treat this type of vaginal infection for most of the women.

After these two sections comes the core of the 3 days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Method – Kristina J. Tomlin’s step-by-step treatment to permanently get rid of bacterial vaginosis.

In the last chapters of her guide, Kristina Tomlin also provides some other tips on lifestyle changes that you must make in order to cure your BV permanently.


Now, to understand better if this product is really for you let’s talk about some of the pros and cons of this guide.

3 Days to Permanent BV Relief Review – The Pros and Cons

The Pros

Offers Permanent Solution

According to many researches about 77% of the women who suffer from BV see a re-occurance of the disease again.

Sadly, traditional antibiotics not treating the main causes of the bacterial vaginosis problem and other prescription drugs such as sprays and powders usually kill both the bad and good bacteria that are needed, meaning your body stays with no defense when the BV comes again.

The 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief System combats this problem by using only all natural methods which help your body achieve the right balance that is needed.

Good For Your Overall Health

In her book Kristina J. Tomlin uses multifacted approach and provides strategies for quick relief from BV symptoms as well as ways of enhancing and supporting your body’s own beneficial bacteria through lifestyle and diet changes that increase your overall health in general.
Useful Bonuses

The 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief main ebook pdf comes with 4 bonus guides.

Two of these bonuses are the Rapid Stress Relief and Natural Yeast Infection Relief Guides which are very important and can actually help you to learn how to prevent BV from hitting you again in the future.

60 days Money Back Guarantee

The BV Cures guide comes with a full 60 days money back guarantee from Kristina J. Tomlin and if you are not completely satisfied with the results of this system, you can get your money back.


The Cons

You can find some of the information online – If you are willing to research on your own and spend days or even weeks on the internet there is a good chance that you will find some of the information available to you in the 3 Days to BV relief guide online.

May Take More Than 3 Days

In her website, Kristina J Tomlin claims that her step by step system can help you to get rid of your BV in only 3 days. However, in most cases it may take a little bit longer.

You Will Need To Buy Some Natural Ingredients

If you want to get the best results from the 3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief System you will have to buy some side natural ingredients. However, all these ingredients are not expensive and actually some of them cost pennies and they are easily found.

3 Days to Permanent BV Relief Review – The Bottom Line

Overall, Kristina J. Tomlin’s Book is a very powerful step by step system which has proved to be a fast and effective for many women around the world.

Bear in mind though that just as any other treatment the 3 days to Permanent BV Relief 3 step system is not going to work in 100% of the cases and it may also take more than 3 days to cure your BV symptoms.

However, with the 60 days money back guarantee there is enough time to determine if Kristina J. Tomlin’s system is really for you and to try it with no risk.

I hope that this “3 Days to Permanent Bacterial Vaginosis Relief Review” was helpful to you, all the best!

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Just Imagine How Wonderful Your Life Will Be –

Once The Stress And Embarrassment Of Dealing With BV Every Day Is Gone..

  • No more embarrassing vaginal odor
  • No more slimy feeling 
  • No more itching
  • No more discharge
  • No more trips to deal with a bored doctor who can’t help you

Long-Lasting, Permanent Results, Without Ongoing Monthly Expense


Some Success Stories…

“It’s been 6 weeks and I haven’t had a single reoccurrence. “

Thank you so much. I was about to visit my doctor to go on a third round of antibiotics but what I read in your book stopped me.

I did not take much convincing. I am finding the prescriptions to be expensive. You have finally taken the trouble to explore the root cause of the physical imbalance that can cause this problem.

Your remedy works great, it started working the very next day.  It’s been 6 weeks and I haven’t had a single reoccurrence.  Thanks again.

Laura Bilbrey


“I feel fresh again and I no longer worry about this problem.”

Dear Kristina,

For the past few years I’ve suffered with the embarrassment of bad odor down there.  I tried many over the counter medicines, but none of them seem to work.

When I first saw your website I wasn’t sure if I should buy your book. However, your money back guarantee assured me to give it a try.

I can’t believe I lived with this horrible problem for so long, I only wished I found your site sooner.

Since starting your program I feel fresh again and I no longer worry about this problem.  Thank you.



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“It put an end to my BV misery once and for all.”

Thank you! The advice in your book was helpful and useful. It put an end to my BV misery once and for all.

The most valuable parts of your book told me what I had been doing wrong and how through trying to help myself I was actually making the situation worse.

Antibiotics, douches and powders just make the problem worse. I know exactly what to do should symptoms recur. However I have not had any symptoms of B.V. at all since I first started taking your advice a year ago!

With great appreciation for what you have done for me and my sex life!



Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom by Elena Peterson

Here’s the Real Reason You Have Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is basically caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in your vagina. Good bacteria live naturally in your vagina, and keep everything healthy and balanced. When your vagina’s ecosystem is disturbed, the good bacteria are tacken over by bad bacteria, and this produces the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis.


Can BV Cause Long term problems?

BV can certainly cause immotional problems. Lets face it, if you are aware of a fishy smell down below it does feel very embarrasing, and in the long run would knock down your self esteem.

BV also has an effect on relationships. Alot of women who suffer from BV do have problems during sex. Whenever you are starting to get intimate, you would always be so self conscious of the smell and discharge of Bacterial Vaginosis. This odor will become stronger after sex when its mixed with semen.

In terms of physical problems, if you are pregnant and you leave BV untreated, you do run the risk of a miscarraige. BV is also linked to infertility, where the bad bacteria creep up further into the womb, resulting in pelvic inflamatory disease, which can be a cause of infertility.


The Shocking Truth About Bacteria Vaginosis Treatments

Doctors usually prescribe treatments such as antibiotics and anti-fungals. These medications kill bacteria indiscriminately. This means that your vagina will also lose beneficial bacteria that protect you, hence upseting the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina and leaving it with no defence when the bacterial vaginosis returns.

vagina discharge and Odor

markMost conventional treatments such as anti-biotics give you short term releif, as they disturb the natural balance of your vagina making your situation much worse and you become prone to more infections, thats why many women find BV coming back AGAIN and AGAIN !
mark86% of all women treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Medication suffer from reoccurrence (Source: Health Science Center In Memphis).
markBacterial Vaginosis, vaginal odor and itching are seen by most doctors as a minor conditions, as something to live with like bad breath or armpit odor.
markThe problem with most conventional treatments is that they focus on fixing the symptoms not the root cause. To permanently get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis you need to address the root cause that resulted in BV in the first place.
markOver the counter products like Femanol and Destinol are also not the answer – may temporarily hid that fishy smell, but it soon returns. Their harsh chemicals also make it harder for your body to regain its natural bacterial balance.

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom – 3 days to Permanent 100% Natural BV Releif .. Is different !!


mark This all natural cure was dicovered by a chronic Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer.

mark It is based on years of solid scientific research.

mark Its a simple inexpensive and shockingly easy to follow program that eliminates odor, itching and bacterial vaginosis in just 3 short days.


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By targetting the root cause of Bacterial Vaginosis, it has helped thousands of women, just like you, return to a normal life.


Now You Don’t Have to Suffer from BV
and Vaginal Odor Any Longer!

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This system provides immidiate relief from the embarassing symptoms of bacterial vaginosis (Discharge, Odor, Itching) and makes sure this condition never returns again. And because its an instant downloadable digital product, you can begin treating your BV TODAY.

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60 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee

Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment – Home Remedies


Bacterial vaginosis natural treatment is so straightforward and makes complete sense that I often wonder why it took me so long to realize it! I mean, I’m not stupid. Going to the doctor just seemed like the right thing to do…at the time!

When I got bacterial vaginosis I didn’t know what had hit me. At first I thought I had a urinary infection as I found it painful to urinate. It was only when I realized that I had this really bad smell and nasty discharge that I knew it was something else. After a day or two of constantly washing myself, I went to the doctors and very embarrassingly explained my symptoms. I was told that I had “bacterial vaginosis” – nothing else – just that I would need some antibiotics to get rid of it.

I took the antibiotics and thankfully the smell and all the other symptoms went away pretty quickly. It didn’t take me long to forget about it. In fact, I didn’t give it another thought until about 5 weeks later when the symptoms came back even worse than before. Another visit to the doctors and another round of expensive antibiotics later and it had gone for good….or at least I thought it had.

This time I turned to the internet for advice-well, it had to be better than what my doctor had given me which was a big fat zero. All he had done was sent me packing with antibiotics and they hadn’t worked. In fact each attack I had seemed to be worse than the last one.

I was very interested to learn that you can use bacterial vaginosis natural treatment to get rid of this awful condition and that very day, I decided to give it a go. I couldn’t believe how much relief I got within just a few hours.

When you naturally treat bacterial vaginosis, the principle is that you are supporting the natural healing qualities of the body whilst using soothing treatments to give some fast relief.

Some of the bacterial vaginosis natural treatment strategies which I used are:-

* Take a bath with 2 cups of cider vinegar added to the water.

* Eat live natural yogurt as this can help support the good bacteria in the vagina.

* Soak a tampon in live yogurt and insert into the vagina.

* Avoid using perfumed products on or near to the vaginal area.

* Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables.

* Try using tea tree oil pessaries directly in the vagina (ensure they are suitable for internal use).

* Garlic is a natural antiseptic, so a couple of capsules daily can aid healing.

You can naturally treat bacterial vaginosis with a treatment which is completely guaranteed to get rid of the condition within 3 days. Not only that, you can learn how to eradicate some of the most unpleasant symptoms within minutes. Providing you are prepared to invest a little time and effort in learning just how to treat yourself, you will learn strategies which will ensure that you have no repetition of BV. You can see full details of the remedy I successfully used at Bacterial Vaginosis Natural Treatment. It is available for immediate download, with no waiting and no expensive shipping costs. You can find lots of helpful information about bacterial vaginosis at Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis


Mary Hopkinson