Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom by Elena Peterson

Here’s the Real Reason You Have Bacterial Vaginosis

BV is basically caused by an imbalance of the bacteria in your vagina. Good bacteria live naturally in your vagina, and keep everything healthy and balanced. When your vagina’s ecosystem is disturbed, the good bacteria are tacken over by bad bacteria, and this produces the symptoms of Bacterial Vaginosis.


Can BV Cause Long term problems?

BV can certainly cause immotional problems. Lets face it, if you are aware of a fishy smell down below it does feel very embarrasing, and in the long run would knock down your self esteem.

BV also has an effect on relationships. Alot of women who suffer from BV do have problems during sex. Whenever you are starting to get intimate, you would always be so self conscious of the smell and discharge of Bacterial Vaginosis. This odor will become stronger after sex when its mixed with semen.

In terms of physical problems, if you are pregnant and you leave BV untreated, you do run the risk of a miscarraige. BV is also linked to infertility, where the bad bacteria creep up further into the womb, resulting in pelvic inflamatory disease, which can be a cause of infertility.


The Shocking Truth About Bacteria Vaginosis Treatments

Doctors usually prescribe treatments such as antibiotics and anti-fungals. These medications kill bacteria indiscriminately. This means that your vagina will also lose beneficial bacteria that protect you, hence upseting the natural balance of bacteria in your vagina and leaving it with no defence when the bacterial vaginosis returns.

vagina discharge and Odor

markMost conventional treatments such as anti-biotics give you short term releif, as they disturb the natural balance of your vagina making your situation much worse and you become prone to more infections, thats why many women find BV coming back AGAIN and AGAIN !
mark86% of all women treating Bacterial Vaginosis with Medication suffer from reoccurrence (Source: Health Science Center In Memphis).
markBacterial Vaginosis, vaginal odor and itching are seen by most doctors as a minor conditions, as something to live with like bad breath or armpit odor.
markThe problem with most conventional treatments is that they focus on fixing the symptoms not the root cause. To permanently get rid of Bacterial Vaginosis you need to address the root cause that resulted in BV in the first place.
markOver the counter products like Femanol and Destinol are also not the answer – may temporarily hid that fishy smell, but it soon returns. Their harsh chemicals also make it harder for your body to regain its natural bacterial balance.

Bacterial Vaginosis Freedom – 3 days to Permanent 100% Natural BV Releif .. Is different !!


mark This all natural cure was dicovered by a chronic Bacterial Vaginosis sufferer.

mark It is based on years of solid scientific research.

mark Its a simple inexpensive and shockingly easy to follow program that eliminates odor, itching and bacterial vaginosis in just 3 short days.


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By targetting the root cause of Bacterial Vaginosis, it has helped thousands of women, just like you, return to a normal life.


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